Cleveland's #1 demolition crew provides another important service, besides many services known as Garage Demolition. As far as the Garage demolition concern, it is not a perfect job for one person, many persons are there to perform this type of task technically. There are several factors that need to be in mind before starting this demolition and Cleveland Demolition company perform this duty very well, therefore our company is the best demolition company in Cleveland.

The main task in any type of demolition is the disposing and organizing of remaining debris that is the main issue in the case of House demolition or Residential demolition. The best way of success in this process is the expenditure of less effort, less budget and work safer. There is no need of such master plan as in the case of a house or residential demolition, but you must have a master plan to perform this job also.

Cleveland demolition manages the residential or house demolition from start to finish in an effective manner. Cleveland, Ohio Demo provides the guarantee of recycling of your favorite and valuable things. Cleveland Garage Demolition removes the structure very carefully, organize the debris and dispose it in an effective manner without any type of disturbance to your neighbors. Whether it is a large house or residential project, or the small garage, Cleveland Demo can take care of your project effectively and technically.

Cleveland Garage Demolition can perform the following services to meet all of your needs:

1.     Garage demolition and Recycling

2.     One or two story garage demolition

3.     Single or double detached garage demolition

4.     Multiple attached garage demolition

We can perform this job by using many types of technique depending upon your need. We have bulky tractors for small demolition and wrecking ball, gut outs and torching. Demolition means not only tearing or rip the house down, it includes a number of other services like removing of appliances, uncover the roofs, pulling plumbing, removing windows and doors etc. Cleveland demolition has a number of skilled professionals to perform all of these jobs.

Before demolition it is necessary turn off all the gas, water and electrical connection. For this kind of process you must have to get the permission from building department. First of all, our experts stop the connections and then pull the water pipes and electrical wires from the walls safely to avoid any damage to these wires and pipes because these things can be used again in new construction. The only way to remove the roofing is to pull them one by one without damaging it for recycling. Siding also has some value, so it is also necessary to remove them with caution to avoid any type of damage.

As far as the removing of garage door and windows concern, our experts use trimming and sliding technique and then try to remove it without any damage. Normally, technical person and master plan is necessary for removing of doors and windows with minimal damage. Like if you want to remove the door of the garage then you must have 2-3 persons to perform this job to avoid damage. Appropriate and skillful technical staffs are necessary for any type of Demolition Company. Cleveland OH Demolition has all the experts to perform different type of tasks that is why we are among the best demolition service provider in Cleveland Ohio. 

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Garages, Sheds, Decks, Fence, and Hot-Tubs. No job is to big or too small for our experienced Fully insured crew members. Junk Gone Today also provides Tear-out services for  homes and offices, pulling up old or damaged carpeting, tearing out kitchens & bathrooms and dismantling and removing rooms of office and household furniture.


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Upon arrival a crew member will meet with you onsite to understand the job details and provide an upfront quote for the full scope of work to include the loading, lifting, labor, and any associated disposal or recycling fees.

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