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If you plan to sell or rent your home or condominium,

It is important to make sure that your home stands out in the mind of a buyer or renter. Our goal is to de-clutter and stage the property with whatever furnishings are available.  

Whether you are planning to move to a new place or just clean up your Basement, Attic,  Storage, and or other home areas from stuff accumulated throughout the years, we can help.

At Junk Gone Today, we are experts at home downsizing , de-Cluttering and making the relocation process smooth sailing. Whether you're doing this for yourself or for someone else, downsizing, de-cluttering and relocating is never easy. We’ll help you to look at the current household contents to determine what is needed and what can be disposed.

We’ll help you find the value of the items you don’t want to keep and decide what to do with them.

We’ll arrange the sale of valuable items through estate liquidation, auctions, buy-outs, or consignment.

We’ll arrange for donation of those unwanted items you decide to give to charity. We’ll also schedule pick ups and be sure you get your donation receipt.

Our experts know that de-cluttering , downsizing and the relocation process presents a significant change that's both physically exhausting and in most cases, emotionally draining as well. We will be sure to take the work away from you while respecting your feelings and keeping your memories and important belongings safe.

Because we have our very own in house licensed professional Realtor available at your request we provide our clients with a one stop Senior Relocation Service like none other.

Therefore whether you have Junk and or clutter to be removed or either you are curious about the Market Value of your Home for sale Either way,  We Can Help !