Affordable Junk Removal-Hauling and Dumpster rental As Low As $69 — Always Cheaper Than Renting a standard Dumpster — in addition, we do all of the labor for you at no additional cost — You point to the junk - We load it and haul it all away Today ! 

Because we are just a local small family owned & operated Co.  You can bank on us to be 25% cheaper than franchised companies ! 



Demolition and Home Remodeling projects always leave behind debris that needs to be removed in order to make the area safe and workable and or livable. No matter the size of the project, we will be able to provide fast and efficient removal for all of the following;

Wood, Shingles, Bricks, Drywall, Carpet, Plaster, Tile, Hot tubs, Sheds, Fence, ETC... 


Household Junk Removal





We know how difficult it can be to try to get rid of household clutter on your own. That is why our services extend to the inside of homes as well as the outside, with removal of things such as:  Appliance Removal | Furniture Removal | Hot Tub Removal,  Mattress, couch, sofa, treadmill, Water Heater, Piano, Television, Clothing, Garbage, Trash, ETC...


In addition to standard Junk Hauling Services, we provide quick Yard Waste removal for residences as well. If outdoor debris is cluttering your yard, give us a call. We remove:

Dirt, Topsoil, Clay, Concrete, Brush, Logs, Leaves, Trees, Bushes, ETC...